Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things are still going well

Well, I haven't posted since I came to college but I should say everything is running swimingly. Well, there are a few gripes that I need to fix. One, I need to find a way for the computer to start by it self when I turn the car on and go to sleep when I turn the car off. This can be done with the P1900, but I just haven't looked into it much. Also, my sound is a little funky still so sometime in the future I'll have to rerun my power and signal wires so they don't cross and give each other interference. Also, I need a new battery because right now whenever I turn the wheel of my car my sound drops or scratches. I think it's because there is so many things trying to pull power at once and there's just not enough to go around. So if the battery doesn't work then I'll get a cap for my amp. I'm also wanting to install some subs in a hidden sub box of some kind in the back of my hatch. All comes in time when the money is there I guess.


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