Sunday, August 21, 2005

First road trip

Well, I drove back to school a week ago and my Mac Mini was amazing, the sounds was great all the way down from arkansas and never had a single problem. I can't wait to get a new phone to work with my set up, now if only gas prices would go down so i could afford to drive more than once a week. also, here are a few things that I think a good frontend for the mac needs:

1. itunes integration
2. bluephoneelite integration
3. sleep/shutdown button (instead of having to go through the finder menu
4. gps integration
5. iPhoto itegration
6. LAN scanner integration (Kissmac/netstumbler)
7. DVD integration
8. Ability to skin the app

If I knew anything about programming and if I had a Mac in my room I would try and write something. Maybe in the near future....


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Anonymous n said...

where is the subwoofer located in the o6 gran touring model

2:30 PM  

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