Tuesday, August 09, 2005

FINISHED! for now....

So as I promised here are some pics. The first one is my screen, in the dash with my Metra Dashkit which I got off ebay. I just cut out the pocket and some of the frame so that the screen would sit in there and then built a metal cage around the screen it self. I had originally planned to have two doors that slid out and closed in front of the screen but there wasn't enough space in the final build to put them in. Instead I'm just going to cut a piece of plastic and paint it that I'll be able to pop in that hole to cover it when I park my car downtown or in the parking garage at school. The second picture is my Valet switch. I can flip it off and my amp and screen won't turn on when I start the car. The third picture is the USB extension cable that I have running from my glove box through a hole cut in the bottom of the storage compartment. I have my Griffin Powermate pluged into that which I use as my volume knob. You can see it in the first picture under the emergency break. The next picture is my mini which I have installed in my glove box. All the wires run up through the back of the glove box as well as my P1900 which is between the firewall and the back of the glovebox.
The last two pictures are of my screen again. You can see how I keep it attached to the metal frame by use of electrical tape. This is just a temporary thing, I plan on fabricating a better frame some time down the line. The last picture was taken at night and shows off the iKarr interface that I'm using. It works great for changing songs while driving. The rest isn't fully functional yet but it's making good progress.

so that's that, I still have some work to do but forn ow it's perfect for what I want to do with it. My next purchase will be a new cell phone with bluetooth. I'll keep posting as I continue to upgrade my car.


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