Monday, July 25, 2005

Everything is here ... almost ....

Well, I have recieved everything, almost. Just need my P1900 which was shipped today so it should be here by wednesday. So here are the pictures I promised.

More pictures are going to be posted soon as I continue the fabrication of my dash kit, install the carputer and paint the accent pieces in my car.

This is just begining to heat up.

As far as the screen goes I took it out to the car and plugged it in and the brightness in the sun seemed great. I didn't get a chance to plug it into a computer yet but the menues were crisp and clear. It's branded as Super but as I said before, according to the forums it's just a xenarc in desguise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about this advertising scheme on a another blog, that gives away free computers. It sounded like a scam, but after I googled it, it was legitmiate. You have to sign up for an offer from one the sponser companies. I did the Botox alternitive one. That was it! I just recieved my new mini computer and it didn't cost me a thing! Here's the link if you're on as tight of a budget as I am.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking good.

Are you on

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