Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New plans for the future ...

Well, I'm still very happy with my mac set up, but there are still a few things that I want to add in the near future and it seems that it's going to be getting easier in the future as well. Here's the list of what I want to get done in 2006:

1. Cell phone integration

this is a very big issue at the moment because I think it would be damn cool to use Blue Phone Elite and whenever I get a call it'll pause my music. I plan on using the Nokia N80

2. GPS

This is one of the main reasons why I installed the system. I get lost. a lot. so the sooner Garmin goes Mac Friendly the better. The link is to the press release about Garmin's new plans to have mac compatibility for all of their products by the end of the year.

3. Re-Wireing / better screen integration

Well, my wiring job wasn't the best and I'm getting some ground noise so I want to rewire everything this summer. It'll probably be around the time when I replace my speakers as well if I have to. I made the mistake of not putting shields over my speakers so I'm just waiting for them to crap out from water damage, but no problems so far. /knock on wood.

as for my screen, it was a thrown together mount anyway so I want to figure out a really clean and secure way to remount it. Maybe even get a bigger screen, who knows.

4. Voice Recognition

How cool would it be to just say "pause" and the music pauses. enough said.

5. A good front end!

The one I'm using now, iKarr, is okay, not amazing though. There's a new one being worked on as I type this which shows promise. Dash Run

6. Steering wheel controls

I haven't even attempted anykind of fix for this yet but I have some ideas (mostly busting apart a wireless remote and retrofitting it behind the current controls.)


So the last thing I really want to get done on my car is some form of automation. I have no idea how it would work yet but idealy I would press one button and my windows would go down to a set point and my sunroof would slide into the "vent" position. It would be my "smoking mode" button and when I pressed it again to disengage it some kind of airfreshener would be released into the air as well and all the windows would close. I'm still thinking about the posibilities of this, if anyone has any ideas feel free to email me.

so that's that. I'll have more updates as I make more progress.
best of luck to anyone undertaking similar projects.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things are still going well

Well, I haven't posted since I came to college but I should say everything is running swimingly. Well, there are a few gripes that I need to fix. One, I need to find a way for the computer to start by it self when I turn the car on and go to sleep when I turn the car off. This can be done with the P1900, but I just haven't looked into it much. Also, my sound is a little funky still so sometime in the future I'll have to rerun my power and signal wires so they don't cross and give each other interference. Also, I need a new battery because right now whenever I turn the wheel of my car my sound drops or scratches. I think it's because there is so many things trying to pull power at once and there's just not enough to go around. So if the battery doesn't work then I'll get a cap for my amp. I'm also wanting to install some subs in a hidden sub box of some kind in the back of my hatch. All comes in time when the money is there I guess.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

First road trip

Well, I drove back to school a week ago and my Mac Mini was amazing, the sounds was great all the way down from arkansas and never had a single problem. I can't wait to get a new phone to work with my set up, now if only gas prices would go down so i could afford to drive more than once a week. also, here are a few things that I think a good frontend for the mac needs:

1. itunes integration
2. bluephoneelite integration
3. sleep/shutdown button (instead of having to go through the finder menu
4. gps integration
5. iPhoto itegration
6. LAN scanner integration (Kissmac/netstumbler)
7. DVD integration
8. Ability to skin the app

If I knew anything about programming and if I had a Mac in my room I would try and write something. Maybe in the near future....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

FINISHED! for now....

So as I promised here are some pics. The first one is my screen, in the dash with my Metra Dashkit which I got off ebay. I just cut out the pocket and some of the frame so that the screen would sit in there and then built a metal cage around the screen it self. I had originally planned to have two doors that slid out and closed in front of the screen but there wasn't enough space in the final build to put them in. Instead I'm just going to cut a piece of plastic and paint it that I'll be able to pop in that hole to cover it when I park my car downtown or in the parking garage at school. The second picture is my Valet switch. I can flip it off and my amp and screen won't turn on when I start the car. The third picture is the USB extension cable that I have running from my glove box through a hole cut in the bottom of the storage compartment. I have my Griffin Powermate pluged into that which I use as my volume knob. You can see it in the first picture under the emergency break. The next picture is my mini which I have installed in my glove box. All the wires run up through the back of the glove box as well as my P1900 which is between the firewall and the back of the glovebox.
The last two pictures are of my screen again. You can see how I keep it attached to the metal frame by use of electrical tape. This is just a temporary thing, I plan on fabricating a better frame some time down the line. The last picture was taken at night and shows off the iKarr interface that I'm using. It works great for changing songs while driving. The rest isn't fully functional yet but it's making good progress.

so that's that, I still have some work to do but forn ow it's perfect for what I want to do with it. My next purchase will be a new cell phone with bluetooth. I'll keep posting as I continue to upgrade my car.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm almost finished!

well, I tried again with the amp today and it worked out really really well. My mac, screen and amp are all getting power now. All I need to now is install my speakers and the initial install will be done. In the future I hope to have the following things added to this system:

GPS Navigation (Once the mac gets a better GPS software)
Cell Phone Integration with the Motorola V635 and Bluephone Elite
Bluetooth keyboard (need the money for that sweet looking logitec keyboard I saw)
Steering wheel controls. (still devising a plan for this one.)

Pictures will be posted once the initial install is finished.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pictures as promised ... and a second wind

Okay, so to start with here are some pictures.

So those are some pictures of what has been done so far ... not much as it can be seen, but there is something I should bring up, before when I threw my hands in the air and decided to go get a pro audio place install my amp, i've changed my mind again. After talking to the guys over at I'm going to give it another try. I'll be trying on wednesday to install it and then slowly working more as time becomse available. I will be done before August 13th though when I go to school. So yes, it should also be noted that the paint looks darker in person than it does in those pix and I also painted the back accent pieces.

Friday, July 29, 2005

it should be said now that i have no clue what i'm doing ....

so it should be said now that I have no clue what I'm doing- I tried to install everything today and didn't get past the amp ... so tomorrow I'm calling every audio place in town short of Best Buy to see if someone will wire the power for my amp ... that's all i need to have done .... everything else I think I can figure out .... i hope ... pictures to come ...